Sem Eijwoudt


My name is Sem. I have been chasing dreams since I was a little kid. Consequently looking for ways to improve myself and my performances, based on realism and a balance between body, mind and environment. Growing up in a sporty family I soon developed a passion for sports, health and fitness. I want other people to get as much joy and satisfaction from physical activity and a healthy lifestyle as I do. With my knowledge, experience and enthousiasm I have been able to get people from all ages moving. With Dream Chasers Performance I want to go further than that. I want to encourage people to chase their dreams and support them on their journey. Whether you want to be healthier and get fitter, want to get your sports performance to the next level or want to improve your performance at your job, I will help you realise those or other dreams. With the ultimate goal to be happy: with yourself, others, and the world. It all starts with the will to become the optimal version of yourself. 

I love adventure and I want to create as many unforgettable memories in my life as possible. I don't want to regret the things I did not do. I am actively trying to create chances and I don't fear taking a chance when it appears. On the other hand I also dare to say no to good opportunities if I feel they won't help me in the long term. If one door closes, other doors will open.

I like to listen what people have to say without having a judgement ready. I intrinsically interact with people in a positive and professional way. I love to challenge people and help them get better, therefore I find it important to provide honest feedback. Based on science, knowledge, experience and my own feelings. Always taking into account the person you are.

I also love to challenge myself and get outside of my comfort zone, I believe that is where the magic happens. I also love to spend quality time with friends and family. 

I know what it is to have big dreams. Having a dream can be a major motivation to work on something with a great drive and discipline. Off course this includes doing things you may not always enjoy, but knowing why you do it will help to keep you going. In the end this will make the satisfaction even greater.

With Dream Chasers Performance I have the dream to support as many people as possible chase their dreams and to try and fulfill them. Some dreams will come true, some will not. Together we will do everything we can to make them come true. This way you never have to say: 'I wish I had...'. No matter the outcome, you will live life as a Dream Chaser and take control over your life.

And who does not want that!


Teacher at Fontys University of Applied sciences - Physical Education 

Performance Coach - Willem II Youth Academy

Trainer - GV SOS Goirle

Performance Coach - KNAF

Swimming instructor - Club Pellikaan

Physical Education teacher - Wereldwijs Drunen


Hintsa Certified Performance Coach - Hintsa Performance

Msc. Human Movement Sciences (Track: High Performance Coaching - Sport Psychology) - VU Amsterdam

BEd. in Physical Education - Fontys ALO Eindhoven

Minor in Sustainability and Outdoor Education - ARA, Christchurch, New Zealand

Sportclimbing instructor indoor toprope - NKBV

Ski instructor - Nederlandse Ski Vereniging


Finisher Ironman 70.3 World Championship 2022 - St George, Utah, USA

6x Ironman 70.3 finisher (2019-2023)

Selection goalkeeper VOAB Goirle (2008-2018)

Participant Thermo Tokyo Research - VU Amsterdam

Participant Summer workshop - Tsukuba University, Japan

World traveller

Workaway volunteer