Dr. Aki Hintsa has developed a holistic model which represents the integrated nature of health and wellbeing. This model has been used in Formula 1 and Fortune 500 companies for years. His model: 'The Circle of Better Life' consists of 7 key areas. All those areas have an impact on the quality of your life, your health, wellbeing, and ultimately: your performances, success and happiness.

See the circle as a wheel constructed of seven components. The wheel stops spinning smoothly if one part breaks down. All parts need to be in place and in balance. Together we will use this model to improve your life, wellbeing and performances. 

To get improvements that are sustainable it is key to build small improvements to your daily life. This is what I will help you with.



The Core


Do you know who you are? (Identity)
Do you know what you want? (Purpose)
Are you in control of your life? (Control)

Those are the three questions that will help you in exploring your core. Knowing who you are and what you want helps you to live a meaningful life and realize more of your potential. It will also help you to be true to what matters most to you. In order to align your goals and priorities it is important to define what you want in your life. When this is clear to you, how will you maintain control? How will you maintain the balance you seek? And how will you stay on the right track, while holding on to what matters most to you?

Your Core is the backbone of your internal motivation. It helps you make meaningful choices and changes towards your personal goals. I help you find en strengthen your motivational backbone.


Physical Activity

It can be the most effective element in paving the way for improving all the other areas of your life. By working on your endurance, strength and mobility in a balanced way, your body and brain will be strong and sharp.

Physical activity is essential for everyones health, wellbeing and performance. Movement has been shown to be a true medicine. It has a broad positive impact on various aspects of your health and it lowers the risk for many diseases. Consistency, gradual progression, and overload with adequate rest are key for improving your fitness level. I develop personalised training plans to improve strength, endurance and mobility.

Improving the quality and quantity of your physical training and daily movement does not necessarily mean going to the gym. Little changes such as taking the stairs whenever you can or taking the bike to work can have a big positive impact. Together we will find the best solutions for you.

General Health

Optimal health is a result of genetics and lifestyle behaviours. You cannot change your genes, but for managing your health it is crucial that you understand your predisposition to disease and illness. Knowledge about your genetic, non-modifiable factors allows you to make better informed lifestyle choices. Together we will identify and evaluate actions that could have a negative impact on your general health. On the other hand we will find ways to optimise behaviours that have a positive impact on your health.



You become what you eat. Having an optimally functioning body prevents diseases, boosts immunity, gives you stable energy, and enables you to perform physically and mentally. Following a healthy diet is what enables your body to do all this.

Your body needs all the nutrients that can be found in "real food" to function optimally. Real food grows, grazes, flies or swims. In order to manage your daily energy levels it is very important to pay attention to food quality and eating behaviours.  I can help you analyze this. Together we will find ways to improve your nutritional habits. There is no magic diet. So finding your optimal diet requires you to tune in and listen to your body.

 Mental Energy

It describes the capacity you have for managing your life and environment. You can imagine your mental energy as a budget. Some aspects of your life will drain the budget and others will replenish it. The goal is to maintain a positive energy balance. This requires you to manage yourself, your work and your social relationships. A positive energy balance will help you to maintain a positive outlook and balance in life.

Together we will evaluate the aspects of life that drain your energy budget, and will discover ways to boost it.



You want your body to run smoothly. This requires maintenance. Optimising your physical movement and control improves your performance, reduces injuries and enables lifelong physical activity.
80% of people suffer from lower back pain at some point in their lives. This is also the leading cause of absenteeism. As people we spent a large amount of our daytime sitting. Prolonged sitting leads to musculoskeletal problems and is a significant risk factor for all-cause mortality. Trading in sitting time to move more is a simple improvement. Together we find ways to do this.

Questions to ask yourself could be:
Is your body comfortable in the positions your body performs?
What needs to be changed?
Is your body prepared for exercise and the tasks that you want to achieve?
What action do you need to take now to prepare both now and for the future?


Sleep & Recovery

Your next performance is only as good as your recovery from the last one. Switching off can be very hard with all the distractions we have at hand. If you don't actively prioritise your sleep and recovery it may be hard to get the required quantity and quality. Sleep, rest and recovery is essential for both your body and mind to recuperate, regenerate and perform optimally.

Sleep and rest is productive. Your brain also needs rest during the day. It cannot be 'on' during the entire day. Short recovery breaks should be viewed as smart choices to improve your productivity and focus.

I help you improve your sleep and recovery and I will help you find a sustainable balance between work and rest.